Flash Fiction

I may have sort of accidentally adopted five cats (flash fiction)

I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats. I’m still not even entirely sure I am a cat person, but now that I have five of them I guess I had better make my mind up one way or another.
One of the medium sized cats twists its way (no idea how if it’s a he or she) around my legs, distracting me from the job at hand. I don’t like leaving loose ends and don’t believe innocent creatures should suffer through no fault of their own.
The logistics of getting five cats out of the house quietly without anyone noticing is giving me a headache. I’ve enough to be dealing with right now. Can you drug a cat? I’m in the bathroom anyway cleaning up some of the mess so check out the cabinet and sure enough there’s some sleep inducing cough syrup, that will have to do.
I wouldn’t have taken this job if I knew about the cats. I’m proud of my moral stance that only the target pays the price. What is it they say? Never work with animals or children.
I step over the body and go in search of a spoon to administer the medicine. It’s surprisingly easy, they must like the taste. By the time I’ve dealt with the remains and cleared the scene of DNA, the quintet is happily slumbering away. Having carefully placed them into a large hold-all, I make my silent escape while trying to figure out where to pick up some cat food at 3AM on the way home.

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