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The eye of the beholder

I have a secret.  I am a secret.  I feel the clasp of my bra bite into my back and pinch my skin; instead of irritating me it feels like a softly whispered secret – “I know you”.

Beauty is pain after all.

The dull girl on the customer service counter calls my name – “Paul Roche” – and I stand up while the same voice that whispered softly now indignantly screams “Paula” in my head.

The inner Paula strides confidently forward in high heels, the docile Paul shuffles in loafers.


I am very pleased to announce that I was the winner of a weekly Ad Hoc Fiction with this piece.


4 thoughts on “The eye of the beholder

    1. Hi Martha, this piece was a winner in the Ad Hoc Flash Fiction competition on the 11th May and they invite submissions for illustrations, if you scroll down to 11th May on this link you will see the details http://adhocfiction.com/

      I would love to see what you suggest as an illustration and am very glad you enjoyed it!

  1. I am so glad you would like to consider my illustration. for your story. It is a painting done when some guy thought he could use me to advance his career, rather than any care for me. Few people have made me cry, but this one managed to tell me just how unattractive I was. I knew inside that this was not true, but wouldn’t allow myself to believe it. The title at the moment is Beauty. I have spent the last few days trying to come to terms with Windows 10 as the last windows I have used is 2003. Steep learning curve. I have finally managed to save this as a jpeg file, but now have to work out how to upload it. Help!

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