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Neither use nor ornament

This piece of flash fiction was part of a challenge to write a story/scene that was not related to Christmas, but included at least six of the Christmassy words from this list e.g. holly, gift, sleigh, jingle, merry, reindeer, snowman, cheer, carol, elf, ornament. Try it yourself and share your attempt with me! Neither use nor ornament “You’re neither use nor ornament” Mrs Byrne declares as… Continue reading Neither use nor ornament

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Love/Hate – 99 word flash fiction

I listened from downstairs as she packed.  She’d break everything she owned if she wasn’t careful. I didn’t help as she dragged the over-stuffed bag down each step.  I’d learned that offering only made her more angry, dragged the performance out a bit longer. “I love you, please don’t go like this.” It slipped out… Continue reading Love/Hate – 99 word flash fiction

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“And the award goes to…” 99 word flash fiction

“And the award goes to Tony Carmichael for his portrayal of ….” Fuck. The painfully applied smile dies, and the painfully thin blonde on her knees under the table assisting in the smile making sees her instrument wilt. Rapturous applause explodes, chairs scrape in their haste to be pushed back and a blonde head bangs… Continue reading “And the award goes to…” 99 word flash fiction

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Avoidance in a teacup -flash fiction

Waves of nausea washed over me with every spin, my over-priced unappetising lunch threatening to make a re-appearance with the rise and fall of the rotating floor. My firmly plastered on smile told a different story, as I braved the experience for the thoroughly enchanted toddler beside me in the teacup. I fixed my line… Continue reading Avoidance in a teacup -flash fiction

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Satisfaction – flash fiction

A rivulet of sweat snakes down my aching back, my swollen belly wordlessly but loudly announcing my situation. I don’t want to do it, I have tried to stop. Some confusing need surpassing my usual boundaries. Kids on bikes and scooters whizz by while parents and minders quizzically regard the crazy looking pregnant lady foraging… Continue reading Satisfaction – flash fiction