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Neither use nor ornament

This piece of flash fiction was part of a challenge to write a story/scene that was not related to Christmas, but included at least six of the Christmassy words from this list e.g. holly, gift, sleigh, jingle, merry, reindeer, snowman, cheer, carol, elf, ornament. Try it yourself and share your attempt with me! Neither use nor ornament “You’re neither use nor ornament” Mrs Byrne declares as… Continue reading Neither use nor ornament

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The Shoebox

  The lump in my throat grew bigger, forcing me to take deep lung-filling breaths each time I noticed I’d forgotten to inhale. The dramatic breathing, coupled with the free-flowing tears meant my husband kept his eyebrows raised for longer than usual when I kept saying “I’m fine, honestly, these are happy tears”. While he… Continue reading The Shoebox

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Christmas – 99 word flash fiction

(Genre: Children’s Poetry) On the most magical night of all the year, I lay awake desperately trying to hear the distant sound of jingling bell which causes hopeful hearts to soar and swell. Under the duvet I wriggled my toes and thought of presents, paper and bows. My eyes felt heavy and started to close… Continue reading Christmas – 99 word flash fiction